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Visitor Aware is a visitor, volunteer, and emergency management service for all restricted access locations.
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K-12 School Visitor Management

Student safety is a top priority for schools and parents. Visitor Aware implements immediate and effective security by screening visitors against sexual predator registries, government watch-lists, injunctions, and more, while keeping up to date visitor information, and providing emergency management.

K-12 School Visitor Management Check in Application

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Why Visitor Aware?

  • Automatically, and securely screen visitors in seconds against sexual predator registries, watchlists, injunctions, and custom banned visitor lists
  • Immediately identify visitors in your school, along with when they arrived, and where they are going
  • Save time and money by utilizing existing hardware, and eliminating front office staff time checking visitors in and out
  • Simple volunteer management including reporting, calendar synchronization, volunteer applications and screenings, and extensive customization
  • Reliable reporting for student departures, visitors entering and departing your school, security checks, and many other kinds of information
  • Ensure the safety of your student body from sexual predators and other individuals that may pose a threat
  • Enforce requirements for entry, such as a valid government issued identification card
Visitor Aware was developed specifically to protect the world’s most valuable asset, our children. We nurtured this fundamental belief to provide an enhanced layer of security, for public and private locations, while maintaining ease of use and compliance. Safety is our priority.

Visitor Aware is a Proud Partner of The
Florida Association of School Resource Officers

Visitor Aware truly goes above and beyond and has far exceeded our expectations of product quality and responsiveness. Visitor Aware is a company that will continue to be a trusted partner of the Florida Association of School Resource Officers.

If you are seeking a better way to manage visitors and volunteers within your school, we highly recommend considering Visitor Aware and the service they provide. Their impressive software platform makes the check in process quick, simple, and accurate. Timothy Enos

Executive Director, Florida Association of School Resource Officers

Streamline Your School


Zero administrator or office personnel interaction required


No unnecessary hardware requirements – proprietary or otherwise


Instant visitor screening against registered sex offenders, no contact orders, and injunctions

Emergency Management

Visitor Aware provides extensive support for school emergency management with our Watchdog application.

Volunteer Management for K-12 Schools

Volunteer Management

Managing volunteers can be chaotic and stressful. Allow us to streamline the process for you and your volunteers with Visitor Aware’s volunteer management.  Event scheduling, reporting, invitations, automatic calendar synchronization, and more!

Designed with the most intuitive design and layout possible, so what you need is always available without getting lost in a cluttered interface.  We keep things simple, without making any functional sacrifices so all you can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.

Visitor Aware keeps things simple while providing the most effective method of handling your volunteer management needs.

Less worry & more personalization


Unlimited visitors, users and check-in devices


Centralized reporting and visitor management


Customizable text and logos to represent your school

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