School security is a topic that gets discussed on a regular basis and everyone is always trying to plan around the “what if” scenarios. One simple yet effective way of improving the safety and security of children, faculty and staff would be to implement a form of visitor management. By screening visitors, keeping up to date visitor profile information, and properly logging visits, an educational facility will have access to the information that matters most should an incident arise. A good example of how useful visitor management is, would be to imagine if a fire alarm were to go off. Someone from the facility could easily login to their user account via their own personal mobile device to see what visitors and volunteers are currently checked in and who need to be accounted for outside of the building. Visitor Aware is a visitor and volunteer management software company that was created for this exact purpose and more.

Fast, Customizable Screening

After implementing Visitor Aware, schools will have their much needed visitor transparency and accountability. Each visitor scans their government issued identification upon their initial visit to the school. Our check-in kiosk application software will read that information and automatically create an associated visitor profile for that individual while simultaneously running their credentials and photo against watch lists, the National Sex Offender Registry, injunction and legal issue records, and your custom banned visitor lists. Facial recognition software is utilized to eliminate false positives in security checks during this screening process to ensure that security notifications are accurate and immediate. If no red flags are raised, the visitor badge is printed (if enabled) and the visitor is allowed to check into the facility.

Customized screening procedures can be implemented by schools and visitors are automatically screened against those restrictions upon each check in attempt. This could be in the form of an explicit ban that is placed on visitor(s), custom injunctions/restrictions, or child custody issues (if the school or daycare facility chooses to implement our student sign out capabilities). Faculty and staff will no longer need to stress about personally remembering all of the red flags for each individual visitor by allowing Visitor Aware to automatically screen visitors for these restrictions. Visitor Aware makes visitor management simple and effective.

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