If your facility hosts volunteers on a regular basis, it might be hard to keep track of all the details: names, background checks, specific volunteer functions along with their associated required number of volunteers, and who attended what function on what date. It’s possible to keep manual lists of this information that are updated at least daily; however, lists will not provide your volunteer coordinator with automated alerts and visually appealing layouts that are easy to interpret and update as needed. Technology exists that can help ease the responsibilities associated with volunteer management by streamlining volunteer management for volunteer coordinators, and others responsible for scheduling and coordination activities. Let’s discuss some ideal features of the software technology that’s currently available.

Volunteer Coordinator Role

Management software that contains a specific role for volunteer coordinators applies user settings specifically enabled to make coordinator responsibilities easier. Once the role gets applied to the specific user, they will have access to record background checks, create an online volunteer application form, approve volunteer status for individuals, create volunteer functions, and more. Everything that a volunteer coordinator needs to manage their daily tasks will be accessible through their online administration dashboard account. Coordinators can access their dashboard via any computer, tablet, or phone that has access to the internet.

Online Volunteer Applications

If your facility currently utilizes physical volunteer application forms it can be chaotic to get potential volunteers to fill out that form. Storing physical copies of volunteer applications can take up space that can otherwise be utilized for something else and if those forms are scanned to be stored in a digital format, that process also takes up precious time. Volunteer management software eases this responsibility by making everything digital from the start. Create a customizable volunteer form that can be linked from your facility’s homepage for potential volunteers to fill out. After the individual submits their information the coordinator will have access to those details through their online dashboard.

Volunteer Functions

A volunteer coordinator completes their daily responsibilities in order to create and help man volunteer functions. That being said, a volunteer management software should provide a way to help create, update, schedule, and send out notifications about upcoming volunteering functions. All of these features should be provided in an easy to use and intuitive manner.

Record Keeping

Volunteer management software provides a way to store and maintain a digital copy of all the volunteer associated details. Say goodbye to manually updating spreadsheets or keeping physical paper copies of documents! Volunteer details, functions, and applications will now be completely digital from start to finish. The management software will store all of these necessary details that will always be accessible through the online dashboard.

Visitor Aware is a visitor and volunteer management software that provides all of the features that are mentioned above. Those mentioned features aren’t the only ones available either – there are plenty more volunteer coordinator features that will be beneficial to your facility. Another perk of Visitor Aware is that the software helps manage your facility visitors and can provide an easier way to convert visitors that have already checked into your facility into volunteers. Visitor Aware will also work with your facility to create new features as necessary, to further ease your volunteer management process.

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