Worried about keeping your K-12 visitor management process sanitary amid the COVID-19 outbreak? We can help.

Disinfection procedures are at the top of everyone’s mind during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially in high traffic areas. By implementing Visitor Aware’s K-12 visitor management process, you’re able to reduce the number of surface interactions while increasing the distance between staff and visitors for social distancing purposes. Here are 4 disinfection and social distancing strategies to consider implementing.

1. Social Distancing Made Simple

We utilize check-in kiosks to efficiently screen and record visitors, volunteers, and student activities throughout the school day. Kiosks are advantageous in regards to where their physical location will reside within the school’s entryway. Staff can plan out a proper flow pattern for visitors entering and leaving their school. This planning will reduce the amount of interactions and increase the physical distance between individuals – staff included.

2. Reduce Interactions with Wireless Badge Printing

Badge printing can prove tricky in reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses pending on which label printer is being utilized. For our setup, we have recommended the
Brother QL-810W wireless printer. This printer can be placed in an ideal visitor flow location without needing a hardwired connection to a computer. The printer also cuts the badge and does not require visitors to rip their temporary identification from the printer, further reducing the number of touched surfaces.

3. Sanitize Hardware Surfaces

Our iPad check-in kiosks are able to be wiped down and sanitized as needed by following Apple’s recommended sanitizing procedures located here.

4. Personal Protection Suggestion

Visitors can further reduce the amount of surface interaction during their visit by utilizing a stylus pen. These pens allow visitors to interact with the check-in kiosk through the soft touch of the pen rather their their own finger. There are many brands and styles available to meet everyone’s preference and they also come in handy for every-day use further reducing surface interactions outside of the school grounds. There are many stylus pen brands and styles available. Here’s an example stylus pen.

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