Worried about keeping track of who visited your campus and when while staying vigilant against the COVID-19 Corona Virus? Or maybe you’re concerned how to manage a medical alert in real-time to keep transmission as low as possible? Visitor Aware can help with all of this!

By implementing Visitor Aware’s visitor management system, you’ll be able to track visitor, volunteer, and student (optional) activity in and out of your K-12 school building. Through our all-access annual subscription, you will be able to utilize Watchdog to trigger medical alerts and coordinate efforts to limit COVID-19 exposure in real-time.

Tracking Who & When

There is an easier and more automated way to document visitor, volunteer, and student activity when it comes to entering and exiting your school building. Visitor Aware’s self-check-in kiosk enables visitors and volunteers to personally and accurately document their visit while automatically screening themselves to eliminate potential threats from entering your building. If a concern arises in which a previous visitor later tests positive to COVID-19, you’re able to query the digital logbook to figure out the timeframe that they were in the building to further assess how to handle the situation.

Trigger & Coordinate Medical Alert Efforts in Real-time

Another great tool that can be utilized to combat COVID-19 in the K-12 school environment is Visitor Aware’s
Watchdog application. Simply download the Watchdog application onto your personal device to quickly trigger and coordinate medical alert efforts in real-time. After an alert has been triggered, individuals inside the building will know what area to avoid to further reduce the potential spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Administration, or the individual(s) designated to take control of the situation, can use their online dashboard to further coordinate response efforts.

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