If you’re looking to support a company with integrity, compassion, and the desire to protect our children in any way that we can – you’ve landed in the right spot. Visitor Aware is owned and operated by parents with the sole mission of protecting every child like their own.

By implementing Visitor Aware’s visitor management system, you’ll receive unmatched product support and overall passion to help support our school communities with their visitor management goals.

Not a school? No problem! We can help businesses and other restricted access locations. Contact us to learn more.

Sincere Beginnings

Our company came to fruition due to a father’s desire to provide an affordable visitor management option for his own daughter’s school. Bennett, Visitor Aware’s founder, visits his daughter every day at school for lunch to provide her with an allergen-free meal. This particular school’s visitor process included him showing up on site, writing his name in a physical logbook, grabbing a badge, and meeting up with his daughter as she entered the lunch room.

During one of his lunch visits he offered to lookup potential visitor management services for the office staff to utilize. After an unrewarding search for an affordable and easy-to-implement service, he decided to donate his programming capabilities to supply the school with a simple digital means of collecting accurate visitor information. As you can imagine, his genuine offer of help turned into an obsession to provide a product that would satisfy the school’s visitor, volunteer, student, security, and overall health and safety needs.

Client Relationships Matter

Today’s world presents many obstacles in creating a safe learning environment for our children and every school’s requirements are different. This is why we do not charge per service feature nor do we charge extra for access to newly released features. We want to create partnerships with our school communities that results in a beneficial visitor management service for students, parents, faculty, and staff. With Visitor Aware’s annual service subscription, there are never any hidden fees.

Parent Owned & Operated

Strength can be found through our roles as parents. When we communicate with schools, we lead with our hearts. We entrust K-12 schools to protect our children while they gain an education and schools entrust us to provide visitor management tools that reinforce their ability to secure their facilities. Our goal will always be to protect every child like they are our own.

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