Does your K-12 school lack a visitor health screening process? Or maybe your K-12 school would benefit from a more streamlined approach towards approving or denying visitors’ access to prevent a health crisis within your building. Let’s discuss the importance of implementing a health screening process at your K-12 school and what key aspects you must keep in mind.

HIPAA Compliance

It is very important to follow HIPAA compliancy rules for any health screening process that your K-12 school decides to implement. While a properly designed process will prevent potential health threats, a poorly constructed health screening process may result in legal actions being taken against the school. To prevent this from happening, always refer back to the HIPAA guidelines or ask the vendor if they are HIPAA compliant and how they are able to achieve that standard.

Time Conscious

In order to keep school traffic moving along, it is beneficial to keep all health screening questions simple and to the point. This allows office staff to quickly screen each visitor, while reducing the amount of time a visitor spends inside the building if they are ill.

CDC Screening Tool

CDC health screening questions should be included at minimum when trying to prevent a K-12 school health crisis. These questions are vetted and used by the CDC as a way to detect who may potentially spread disease if allowed entry into your building. Some screening procedures may build from this knowledge to provide additional guidelines and questions.

Temperature Detection

Measuring a visitor’s temperature is important – the way you measure that temperature is very important when it comes to the health and safety of K-12 school staff. Close contact with someone who is symptomatic must be as limited as possible. There are ways of detecting a visitor’s temperature without any contact with the individual – make sure your K-12 school’s health screening process supports contactless temperature detection.

Visitor Management

The most efficient way of implementing a health screening process is through the visitor management process itself. By implementing visitor management, your k-12 school effectively and efficiently screens each and every visitor while taking every step possible to insure the health and safety of everyone within your school building. Visitor Aware‘s visitor management process limits the amount of time a potentially ill visitor spends inside of a K-12 school building by making the screening process as streamlined as possible. Each K-12 school visitor will also undergo a national and international watch list check along with being screened against the National Sex Offender Registry – all of which takes mere seconds to complete. Visitor Aware is also HIPAA compliant and supports the use of contactless temperature detection.

Visitor Aware supports k-12 schools in their daily quest to remain open while keeping their students, faculty and staff safe in the process. Are you ready to improve the health and safety of your K-12 school? Reach out to us today – We’re here to support you!

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