Visitor Aware is an up-and-coming K-12 school software solution that grew from the sincere desire to protect all children while they’re at school. Bennett Stone, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, created Visitor Aware after realizing his daughter’s school lacked an efficient and low-cost visitor management option. Joanna Haugland, Director of Sales and Marketing, was onboarded to help expand the software’s functionality through direct client communication and research. Through collaboration with office staff, principals, superintendents, police officers, and school resource officers, Visitor Aware is able to offer a more robust, streamlined, and cost-effective visitor, volunteer, and emergency management software solution that leaves K-12 schools feeling like they’ve discovered their very own best-kept secret.

A real time visitor management system provides schools with the ability to securely monitor their visitor traffic while eliminating the stress and chaos that can occur with visitor or volunteer check-ins. Visitor Aware has truly mastered the art of being easy-to-install, implement, and use. Installation takes a mere five minutes and all approved users have access to their very own intuitive administrative Visitor Aware dashboard that can be accessed through any desktop or mobile device. Visitor Aware is a simple plug and play software solution that doesn’t require any proprietary hardware, giving schools the choice of working with their preferred vendor or current hardware.

Upon an initial check in, Visitor Aware’s software scans an individual’s state-issued identification to create an accurate visitor profile for the school’s reference. New visitor check-in attempts take less than 10 seconds and the check-in time for return visitors resides around 2 seconds — this includes screening each visitor against the National Sex Offender Registry, National Watch Lists, and International Watch Lists, while simultaneously using facial recognition software to eliminate false positives. To quickly check in, return visitors have the option to use Visitor Aware’s ID Pass application on their personal mobile device or simply take their photo via the iPad check-in kiosk. Upon a successful check-in attempt, and as an added security measure, schools can choose to enable automated visitor badge printing.

By implementing Visitor Aware’s software, volunteer coordinators will have access to online tools that will simplify their daily responsibilities. Creating, adjusting, and recruiting for volunteer events can be done through the administrative dashboard. Volunteers will see the available events and are able to sign up online — reducing any concerns associated with maintaining an accurate volunteer count and recording volunteer specific hours. An online volunteer application process is also available and can be utilized by the school if desired.

Triggering alerts and managing emergency situations is another huge undertaking by K-12 schools. Visitor Aware’s Watchdog application was developed specifically to ease the burden of emergency management. Through Watchdog, school staff can trigger drills or alerts in real time and manage the situation as it unfolds through the administrative dashboard. If schools wish to implement additional layers of security, Visitor Aware offers optional features such as contactless student pick up, health screening, anonymous tip line functionality, and student actions including sign-out, sign-in, tardy capabilities, and tardy passes. Data from student information systems can be imported into Visitor Aware, providing a more streamlined experience to further support office staff with their daily responsibilities.

All Visitor Aware features are offered through one annual fee, including any additional options that become available through school collaboration efforts. Visitor Aware is passionate about supporting K-12 schools and takes pride in providing unrivaled visitor, volunteer, and emergency management services that protect students, faculty, and staff. As committed owners of the company, Bennett and Joanna, work directly with school officials, enabling a seamless line of communication with Visitor Aware decision makers. If you’re in need of a way to improve your current visitor management process, look no further — Visitor Aware will support your mission toward providing a fast and secure visitor management experience without any surprise fees. Check us out at and schedule your online demonstration today.

Original article published and available through Education Technology Insights: This Best-Kept Secret Revolutionized the K-12 Visitor Management Experience.

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