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Improve your school's security and visitor management processes using our patent-pending visitor check-in kiosk application on an iPad to provide visitors a streamlined self-managed experience designed to make you work less, while delighting your visitors in seconds.

Visitor Aware has the most robust school visitor management solution available, including desktop applications for both Windows and Mac operating systems, mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, and a modern and responsive web application. Our comprehensive visitor management footprint provides maximum flexibility to craft unique and tailored solutions for almost any institution regardless of any pre-existing technical requirements.

At Visitor Aware, we pride ourselves in providing dedicated support and customized features specifically for school resource officers to ensure transparency and awareness so you can stay on top of traffic and issues in and out of your school, manage visitors right from your phone, and manage drills, incidents, and access important visitor information to make informed decisions quickly.

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Managed Injunctions

Stay one step ahead of legal issues by managing injunctions within Visitor Aware, and automatically check visitors against active injunctions with immediate alerts
Visitors are automatically screened for any active injunctions at every visit

SRO Notifications

Designated security resource officers can be notified every time a visitor checks into your school, including their destination to provide visibility into the traffic at your school without extra hardware
Stay up to date with the flow of visitors checking in –  no matter where you are

Emergency Alerts

Incidents happen, and when they do you have the power to immediately notify all users of the situation.  Real-time notifications via automatic phone calls, SMS, emails, and desktop alerts are all included
Instantly alert users to enact security protocols through one action

Visitor Recognition

Continually updating encrypted facial recognition allows return visitors to check into your school without identification with one photo in about one-second (really)

User Management

Manage users quickly and easily, while restricting access to sensitive information with over 70 available roles and permissions

Customizable Settings

Customize logos, button labels, and more using hierarchy settings for administration areas and mobile applications

Credential Scanning

Built in identification scanning automatically inputs and stores visitor information

Visitor Screening

Immediately validate visitors against national sex offender and government watch lists

Location Monitoring

See who has checked into your school with visitor photos, security screenings, and notifications in real-time

Visitor Banning

Maintain a list of banned visitors who should be flagged when trying to check in
Problematic visitors can be banned easily from the administration portal to control who is allowed to enter your school

Priority Notifications

Receive immediate notifications when a banned or flagged visitor attempts entry via SMS, email, and desktop
Prohibited visitors to your school trigger realtime incident notifications so you can respond appropriately and quickly

High Visibility Badges

Automatically print visitor badges to display visitor information, photo, and designated location
Provide faculty and staff the ability to quickly identify visitors, and their destinations

Volunteer Applications

Make sure you get the information you need when on-boarding volunteers by customizing your volunteer applications to provide quick and easy information collection.  Volunteers can self-register quickly and digitally to increase your support network.

Volunteer Statuses

Track the progress and status of volunteers through the background check and approval process.  Volunteers can only sign in after they have been approved by authorized personnel

Volunteer Reporting

All hours are automatically recorded to the associated volunteer profile
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