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School Visitor Management

Improve school security through visitor management!

Credential Scanning

Identification scanning automatically inputs and stores visitor information

Visitor Screening

Immediately validate visitors against national sex offender and government watch lists

Location Monitoring

See who has checked into the facility along with visitor photos in real-time


Banned Visitors

Maintain a list of banned visitors who will be flagged upon check in attempt

Control who is allowed to enter your facility by banning those who have abused their access privileges

Priority Notifications

Receive immediate notifications when a banned or flagged visitor attempts entry

Individuals that are not allowed to enter facility grounds will be unable to check in and users will be notified


Printed badges display visitor information, photo, and designated location

If badges are implemented, employees and staff will be able to quickly identify visitors 

Visitor Recognition

Continually updates visitor information with speedy check in for return visitors


Role-based management and administration

Customizable Settings

Hierarchy settings based on client mandates and location requirements

Security Resource Officer Features

Here are a few features designed to assist SRO personnel.



Check visitors against active injunctions with immediate alerts

Visitors will be checked for any active injunctions upon check in attempt

SRO Alerts

Designated security resource officers can be notified every time a visitor checks in

Stay up to date with the flow of visitors checking in –  no matter where you are

Emergency Alerts

Immediately notify all users of an emergency situation

Instantly alert users to enact security protocols through one action

Visitor Aware provides multiple methods of checking visitors and volunteers in and out, as well as signing out children. We understand that one method may work more efficiently than another at your facility.

K-12 Volunteer Management

Let Visitor Aware simplify your volunteer management process.


Make sure you get the information you need by customizing your volunteer application


Volunteers can only sign in after they have been approved by authorized personnel


All hours are automatically recorded to the associated volunteer profile

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