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For $25 a month, you can keep kids safe with world-class school visitor management, volunteer management, emergency management, tipline, and family reunification.

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All-Inclusive Pricing

No surprise fees, no sales pitch, just a true software solution designed to work with your existing hardware.

Our pricing is simple.  $300 per year, per school, the end.  No extra fees.  No surprise charges.  No limits.

We work tirelessly every day to ensure that our school visitor management, volunteer management, tipline, emergency management, family reunification, and customer experience are unrivaled.

Our Software as a Service (Saas) model allows schools to reuse existing hardware, drastically reducing the need for new capital investments and/or large expenditures commonly associated with the initial integration and implementation of competing products.

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Included for Every School

Every customer deserves the best technology on the planet.  No excuses.

Visitor Management

Check your visitors and volunteers in, and out in seconds using an iPad without any interruption to your office staff.  Our visitor management service does not require any additional or proprietary hardware.

Emergency Management

Drills, alerts, and emergency management at your fingertips with Visitor Aware Watchdog application for iOS and Android.  Private.  Immediate.  Accurate.  Secure.

Student Management

Track attendance, tardy, roster, and sign-in/out instances with our student management capabilities.

Volunteer Management

Effortlessly manage all volunteer applications. requirements, approvals, and events with our volunteer management.

Family Reunification

Streamline family reunification after any incident while increasing security measures and documenting every step along the way.


Our tipline feature allows community members a way to discreetly submit eyewitness accounts or relay concerning information as it relates to safety.

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