K-12 School Visitor COVID-19 Screening

Take extra precautions with K-12 school visitors by enabling Visitor Aware’s COVID-19 health screening process at no additional cost.

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K-12 School Visitor COVID-19 Screening

Expand your visitor management process to include Visitor Aware’s CDC guideline-based COVID-19 screening process. Our quick and innovative health assessment provides a way for schools to be vigilant while preventing high-risk individuals from gaining access to schools in real-time while creating an accountability log that can always be referenced.

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Why COVID-19 Screening?

  • Our K-12 visitor management solution has evolved to combat today’s potential K-12 school building threats – now including COVID-19
  • Quickly identify visitors who may pose a health risk to those inside your schools
  • Create a safe learning environment by utilizing our CDC guideline-based COVID-19 health screening process
  • Protect the health of your faculty, staff, and student body by preventing symptomatic individuals from gaining access
  • Reliable reporting and visitor logs are readily available to be referenced at any time and can be searched and exported in one-click
  • Hardware can be routinely disinfected following manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Save time and money by utilizing existing hardware while easily enforcing social distancing protocols. 
  • Our COVID-19 screening does not require any additional hardware or software
  • Visitor Aware’s COVID-19 Visitor Screening is included at no extra charge to all Visitor Aware users

Visitor Aware assists K-12 schools with protecting the health of their faculty, staff, and student body by preventing symptomatic individuals from gaining access to schools through the implementation of our COVID-19 health screening process.

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Accountability Matters

By implementing our COVID-19 screening process, your K-12 schools maintain an accurate log of all necessary information for each individual visit – even those that have been denied. All of these records can be accessed at any time.

Allow us to streamline your K-12 school visitor’s COVID-19 health screening process today! This feature is included at no additional cost to Visitor Aware users!

K-12 School Visitor COVID-19 Health Screening



This optional feature allows schools to easily screen visitors based on CDC guidelines.  Simply turn it on in Visitor Aware and let our system handle the rest!


Accurate visitor logs are recorded in realtime, eliminating manual data entry methods and streamlining the visitor management COVID-19 screening process


Our COVID-19 health screening for K-12 schools is designed for security and is fully HIPPA compliant

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