Watchdog Emergency Management

 Real time location information and alerts, with incident management designed specifically for school safety

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Drills, alerts, and emergency management are at your fingertips.

Visitor Aware Watchdog is a mobile application that enables faculty and staff to activate emergencies as they happen without additional hardware. Keep your school safe and up-to-date with real-time statuses, alerts, and location information. View the status of all emergencies and drills in one place so you know exactly where everyone is at all times. It’s like having an entire safety team on call 24/7!

Watchdog is included at no additional cost to all Visitor Aware users.

Watchdog School Safety Application

School Safety in Your Pocket

Notify school resource officers, staff, and other users of emergencies, fires, medical incidents, and drills with one swipe.  Push notifications for Watchdog users, automated phone calls, text messages, and email alerts are all included and sent in seconds, alerting everyone of the incident.

Real-time School Safety Reporting

Track the status and location of your faculty, staff, and visitors with immediate response reporting through both the mobile application, and the administration portal to let others know you’re safe, or in need of assistance.  Users who receive automated emergency alerts by phone can even report their status by responding to the prompts on their phone.   Get an immediate, comprehensive, and reliable view of incidents as they unfold.

Watchdog School Safety with User Statuses

Watchdog School Emergency Management Features

Mobile Applications

Visitor Aware Watchdog is a separate all inclusive emergency and incident management application for Android and iOS

Don’t waste time sifting through unwanted screens or features during an emergency

Drill Management

Trigger drills directly from the Watchdog application to keep your campus ready

Faculty and staff will gain experience with Watchdog through routine drills, enabling better preparedness for school safety


Immediately notify all users of an active incident with push notifications, text messages, phone calls, emails, and dashboard alerts

Instantly alert users to enact security protocols through one action

Location Detection

Immediately know the location of an incident with precise location detection, and location reporting for status reports by users

Watchdog automatically notifies other users of where an alert was triggered, and the details of the incident


Immediately trigger and manage active emergencies
Watchdog helps automate the communication process during an active emergency

Status Updates

Let others know you’re safe with one-click to report your status as safe, or in need of assistance, and view the status of your team in real-time

Well-being communications are critical in emergency situations, Watchdog automates this process

Watchdog was created to compliment Visitor Aware’s visitor & volunteer management software. Both the Visitor Aware and Watchdog applications seamlessly communicate to account for all visitors while keeping individuals out of harms way.

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