As an office employee within a school, you’re expected to remember important details for each student, their associated family members, visitors, and volunteers. In smaller communities this method may be more manageable; however, mistakes can still happen – we are all human after all. The good news? There are better ways of managing important details that can be implemented within schools.

Automatic Flagging for Visitors with Injunctions

By utilizing technology that was specifically designed to help schools remember these important details schools can remove this burden from office staff and automatically screen visitors for any red flags that may exist. These red flags include active injunctions such as child custody issues, no contact orders, and other court issued documents as well as custom alerts for parental concerns related to associated family members and/or other individuals, explicit school specific bans on individuals, anyone listed on the National Sex Offender Registry and anyone listed on international as well as national watch lists.

An excellent tool that can be utilized by schools to aide their office employees in remembering these important details is a visitor and volunteer management software called Visitor Aware. By implementing Visitor Aware, school employees can enter their custom red flag information into the system so that each individual is automatically screened upon their check-in attempt to the school. This process also allows faculty and staff to be notified only upon legitimate concerns therefore eliminating false alarms, unnecessary stress, and wasted time.

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